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All The Top Contenders For Song Of The Summer 2015, Including This Bird I Heard In The Park

As the weather gets hotter, so do the jams. These days, radio stations and music blogs everywhere are trying to predict what will be the Song of the Summer 2015. Here are my top picks for the spot. Only one of them will win the title of 2015 ‘s #1 Summer Jam, aka #SOTS.

‘Trap Queen” ‘ Fetty Wap
The New Jersey artist ‘s breakout hit is perhaps the most obvious contender for Song of The Summer 2K15. Some say this song about running the trap with someone you love has transcended race and class to become the love song of our generation, but it ‘s too early to tell if this is the song will be topping the charts all the way through August, so we have to keep our options open.

‘See You Again” ‘ Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
You might recognize this ballad from Furious 7, a movie that, though powerful, came out all the way back in April. It seems a little unfair for the theme from a spring blockbuster to snag the title #SongOfTheSummer, no? Just last weekend, I heard a bird singing in the park, so if we ‘re going purely by time, that bird is more eligible for #SOTS! Which brings me to ‘

[no video available]

‘[Untitled]” ‘ This Bird Who Lives In A Tree Out By The Park District Picnic Tables
Me and some friends had lunch over by those picnic tables ‘ you know those ones just out past left field of the baseball diamond ‘ and I heard this one bird ‘ I wish you all were there! It ‘s hard to describe, but this bird did a song that went kind of like, ‘tweet tweet tuhweet [beat] weet.” If that makes sense. Again, very difficult to describe in print, and I didn ‘t get a recording or anything, but in my head I remember the song quite vividly. Anyway, I think that ‘s a strong contender for #SOTS.

‘Hey Mama” ‘ David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack
I like this song, but there are just so many guest artists featured on it, which seems excessive when I compare it to that bird I saw. That bird didn ‘t have anyone helping it sing; no other birds were featured. I don ‘t think ‘featured” really means anything in the bird world. This bird just did its beautiful song and then flew away. I didn ‘t get a great look at it, but I ‘m pretty sure it was a sparrow.

‘Bad Blood” ‘ Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar
This song came out last year on Swift ‘s hugely successful 1989, but it just got rereleased with Kendrick Lamar on the track and like a bajillion people in that action movie video. Do I wish that the sparrow I love who flew away would make a similar, flashy comeback, this time bringing along all its pretty friends just like how Taylor had all her friends in that video? I do, yes.

‘Cheerleader” ‘ OMI
I ‘m no ornithologist, and I ‘m definitely not a music journalist, but I think that my bird > this song, too.

‘Shut Up And Dance” ‘ Walk The Moon
The title of this one is kind of like what I said to my friends when I heard that bird, except what I said was, ‘Shut up and let me hear this bird a little better, please, you guys, SHHHHHH.” My friends really didn ‘t like when I did that, and also it might have been my fault that the bird flew away. I think my shushing startled it.

‘Bitch Better Have My Money” by Rihanna
I love this song, but it ‘s no ‘Umbrella” (#SongOfTheSummer alum 2007). As far as I ‘m concerned, the only ‘BBHMM” I care about this summer is this Bitchin ‘ Bird Having Mad Music [Skills]!

‘Worth It” by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink
This song has a sweet sax loop that I think could be even better if it was a bird singing it. Tweep tweep tweep tweep ooooeee wee wee wee wee weet ‘ you know, now that I think of it, I ‘m just singing that sparrow song, the one I really like from in the park when we had all those good sandwiches.

‘Want To Want Me” Jason Derulo
Ooooh that one song I keep hearing on the radio! Yes, I like this song. #SOTS

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