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Conspiracy Theories About What Will Happen To Jon Snow

Jon Snow is dead. Or so it seems. Stabbed to death by the Night ‘s Watch, we watched our hero bleed out on the snow. But is he dead for good? Everything on the show is deliberate, with the show ‘s producers teasing and foreshadowing every single detail. And if you ‘ve watched carefully, there have been plenty of clues that could predict Snow ‘s fate. Here are the most popular rumors.

That Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen, which would prevent his body from burning and potentially spark a rebirth if the Night ‘s Watch choose to torch him.

Melisandre, always a fan of blood (BIG FAN), will resuscitate him.

He will come back next season as ‘Johnny Ice,” a bad boy who chain-smokes cigarettes and wears sunglasses and doesn ‘t care what any parents think.

He will return for the climax of the story, back but in regular clothes as actor Kit Harrington, just like in the books.

Returns as a tan, blonde Swedish boy named Morkel.

He ‘s definitely staying dead but now every time it snows all the characters will point at the falling snow and be all like, ‘This reminds me of someone who was very special, ‘ (and then they ‘ll wink).

His consciousness enters the body of Ghost, his direwolf, and he immediately starts licking his own balls for all of season seven.

Comes back as himself at the beginning of the day he died. Forced to Groundhog Day it until he gets it right.

Dramatic cutaways where we see him excelling in his new role as ‘Handsomest boy in Heaven.”

Sam and Gilly try to convince everyone that everything ‘s cool, Weekend at Bernie ‘s style.

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