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New Meme Finds Zookeepers Trying To Be Just Like Chris Pratt From ‘Jurassic World’

With Jurassic World dismantling box office records and Chris Pratt quickly becoming one of the world ‘s most popular stars, savvy businessfolk everywhere are rushing to capitalize on America ‘s latest bout with Dinosaur Fever. And who ‘s the most adept at the ins and outs of the economic market? That ‘s right: ZOOKEEPERS.

A new meme quickly spreading throughout viral-land, finds real-life zookeepers reenacting one of the more iconic images from this summer ‘s hottest film starring a dinosaur. Well, at least until the new Terminator comes out. Hey now!

But honestly, this is a v cool meme, because it means that even genuinely smart people will happily do stupid and pointless things on the internet, if it means, even for a second, that they ‘ll be considered as cool as Chris Pratt.

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