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News Diarrhea: This Week’s Top News Stories Shit Out In One Place

Babies poo-poo in diapies, but the news media poo-poos all over the place. We scooped it all into one place again!

Too busy to watch the NBA Finals? Have no fear! A list of the things you missed is here!

This player is presumably known as Mike ‘The Basket” Ball, for all of the basketballs he sinks.

Our very own John Harris wrote a proposed budget for PornHub ‘s proposed suborbital porno flick. It ‘s as sexy as it is sensible. Check it out!

Ooh, mama, that ‘s some hot space.

Think FOD forgot about Rachel Dolezal the white woman who pretended to be black? Think again, friend! We got her college admissions essay!

The eyes of someone who knows she ‘s about to be found out.

Ironic Jeb Bush t-shirts for sale, get em while they ‘re relevant. Or wait so that there ‘s another layer of irony. See if I care.

Jon Stewart breaks character and tells the truth about Charleston.

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