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John Oliver Shows Us Just How Unfriendly The Internet Can Be For Women

Cats! Group chats! Fail blogs! Harassing women to the point where they feel their only option is ending their own life! You guessed it! I ‘m talking about, the internet! And so was John Oliver on last night ‘s Last Week Tonight, in an in-depth segment about how darn awful this whole online world can be for the women who use it (we don ‘t have a specific number but data seems to suggest the number of women using the internet is ‘most of them.”)

Be it revenge porn, Twitter death threats, or YouTube comments, there are a lot of dark corners and back alleys online that aren ‘t welcoming or safe for women. To make matters worse, IRL law enforcement hasn ‘t really figured out how to prosecute these internet creeps and offenders. Some of them are still trying to figure out what Twitter is.

Check out this video and be warned that Oliver will Rickroll you at least once.

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