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Get Up On This Year ‘s 5 Hottest Post Surgery Freakouts

Hey look, we know that sometimes the internet moves too fast to digest. And if even you do get to see everything on the web, there ‘s never time to just sit back and savor the finer points because it ‘s already time to move on to the next thing.

Well, guess what? Now ‘s your fucking chance.

Here ‘s our five favorite post-surgery freakouts of the past year. Think of these as what comes after ‘David After Dentist.” LOL. JK. Think of them however you want. Just promise us you ‘ll sit back and enjoy them this time.

Woman wakes up pretty sure that she ‘s Pac-Man.

Kid loses an arm. (Actually, he just can ‘t find it.)

Like everyone else all the time, she just wants to be Nicki Minaj.

Kid knows what ‘s up.

This girl wants a LOT of things, including her hot doctor.

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