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Donald Trump’s Racist Remarks Lead To J Balvin Leaving Miss USA

Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin has cancelled his performance on Miss USA pageant following Donald Trump ‘s racist remarks about Latinos and Latin American immigrants. Trump, who co-owns the Miss Universe organization, said in his presidential bid speech that when Mexican people immigrate to the country ‘[t]hey ‘re bringing drugs. They ‘re bringing crime.They ‘re rapists.”

In a statement to Billboard, Balvin said, ‘we ‘re talking about our roots, our culture, our values. This isn ‘t about being punitive, but about showing leadership through social responsibility.” The Miss USA pageant would have been the first ever major television network appearance for the Colombian artist.

See below for Trump ‘s response to Balvin ‘s departure.

Guest columnist and racist asshole Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Balvin,

You are a loser. You have quit the best pageant in the entire universe. No, not the Miss Universe pageant. The more important pageant: the Miss USA pageant. My pageant. In my book a quitter is the biggest loser of them all, and also in my book ‘The Biggest Loser ‘ is a worse reality show than ‘The Apprentice. ‘

You may think you have made some sort of social or political statement backing out like a little girl. And you have. But it is not the statement you think you ‘ve made. What you ‘ve actually done is support my cause and my mission to make the Miss USA pageant great again, to help return it to what it once was: all white.

That ‘s right, Mr. Balvin. Actually, I want to call you Mr. Balls-In, because you ‘re falling balls deep into my little plan and also because I came up with that pun, which means it is perfect. I bet you didn ‘t think I was also funny. You were wrong. I am the funniest big man the world has ever seen and if you disagree you are a loser.

I digress. I am writing to thank you for helping me and the rest of the great nation of America restore the pageant to its former glory.With you bowing out we are one step closer to only true, red-blooded Americans on stage, which is how it ought to be. This isn ‘t Miss North And South America and it definitely isn ‘t Miss Drug Criminal Rapist. Are you offended I said that? Good! It was meant to be offensive and I effectively got the point across just like all the great leaders our nation has been ruled under have been able to do.

The last thing I have to say to you, Mr. Balls-in, is that you actually cannot quit my pageant.

You are fired from it.

Mr. Donald ‘Soon To Be President” Trump

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