By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage And Now Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Can Finally Get Married!

Today the Supreme Court upheld the 14th Amendment and ruled that all states must recognize same-sex marriage. That means gay marriage is now legal in the United States but more importantly it means that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can now get married!

In a 2006 Esquire interview, Pitt said that he and Jolie would ‘consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Like many gay couples, they did marry in a place that recognized their union but had not married in the United States. The Hollywood couple had a ceremony in France in 2014 but is now able to officiate their union in America.

The nation has been waiting for this historic and long-overdue moment. While the Jolie-Pitt wedding was not specifically at the forefront of the gay rights movement, it was undeniably on many people ‘s minds.Personally, I had no reservations about marrying my boyfriend while gay people were not legally allowed to. But when I found out that Pitt and Jolie were unable to marry because gay people were unable to marry, I decided to wait. How could I be so selfishly privileged to enjoy a sacred union of love while my favorite Hollywood couple was forced to live in sin?

So not only will Pitt and Jolie be joined in marriage, but now my boyfriend and I can as well. Ha, I know it ‘s unlikely but just imagine a double wedding with the four of us! That ‘d be a blast! We could even make it Mr. and Mrs. Smith themed, just to honor how they met. Or we could honor how my boyfriend and I met which was when we both worked at Dairy Queen one summer.Maybe we could combine the two!

Look at me! It hasn ‘t even been twelve hours since Jolie and Pitt have legally been allowed to marry and I ‘m planning two whole weddings! I ‘m getting ahead of myself. Isn ‘t it incredible, though, that children born from now on will have never lived in a country where Jolie and Pitt felt they couldn ‘t get married because gay people were not able to?

Right now, I think it is important to simply be grateful we live in a country whose highest court recognizes, even if long overdue, that this celebrity power-couple deserves equal protection under the law and the right to marry. That is a beautiful thing. Now we can focus on even more pressing issues affecting the LBGTQ community, like the emotional and mental health of stars like Miley Cyrus.

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