By: Buckley Fizz, Senior Internet Scholar

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It Has Come To My Attention That Many Of The Articles And Photographs On This Comedy Website Are FAKE

Good afternoon fellow esteemed Internet aficionados. As you know, I am a man of extreme moral rectitude and principle. When I surf the Information Superhighway I expect a to encounter an certain standard of journalistic integrity, as I ‘m sure you do as well. With that in mind, I must regretfully report a most disturbing encounter I recently had.

I was perusing the World Wide Web, as I am want to do, and came upon Funny Or Die Dot Com. ‘Oh goodie! A humor website!” I thought to myself and also said aloud for good measure. I browsed and browsed and was delighted at what I found. Hilarious text message exchanges! Whimsical photographs! Positively absurd blog posts! It seemed I had stumbled upon a treasure trove of 100% authentic and real comedic articles and photographs.

Look at this amazing photograph of a Ted Cruz robot posted by Funny Or Die Dot Com! It must be real, because it ‘s on The Internet!

Of course, I immediately shared them with everyone I knew. And as a Senior Internet Scholar, my recommendations bear a certain weight. My peers trust that the material I share is legitimate and credible. So you can imagine my dismay when I inspected the comments section after many of these beloved articles and photographs and discovered copious accusations of falsehood! ‘Fake!,” various noble commenters decried. ‘Obviously fake,” others echoed. ‘So fucking fake and also totally gay,” added a brave few.

Without the thankless, vigilant work of these truth crusaders, Funny Or Die Dot Com ‘s evil trickery would have slipped by unnoticed.

Could this be? A comedy website fabricating photographs and articles from thin air? A venerable Internet publication such as Funny Or Die Dot Com wouldn ‘t dare falsify content with Photoshop and parade it around as if it were real, would they? Would they? I inspected for myself and regret to inform you that the commenters are correct. Much of FOD ‘s content is indeed ‘totally FAKE,” concocted within the sick, perverse minds of various ‘writers” and paraded around the pristine halls of The Net as if authentic. I couldn ‘t believe it! Why would they do such a thing? What do they stand to benefit? The deceit! The horror! The betrayal.

I wish to offer my most sincere apologies to anyone I have hurt or misled by sharing content in good faith from the deceitful Funny Or Die Dot Com. They should be ashamed, but I also should have been more thorough with my vetting process. I will never fall for their nefarious humor trickery again.

Shame on you, Funny Or Die Dot Com! There is truly a special place in hell for those who dare to write fake articles by fake people.

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