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How to embed a QZZR quiz. To view these instructions properly, view the article in edit mode.

  1. copy the NEW CODE below into an HTML block.


  1. on the embed screen on qzzr, select the alt code for iframes. ‘Trouble embedding? Try this code.” the QZZR CODE looks something like this. (this is an example! don ‘t actually use the code below.)


  1. paste it in an html block.

  2. remove the height attribute from the QZZR CODE. Make sure the id number and the number in the src url on the QZZR CODE match the corresponding # on the NEW CODE. If they don ‘t match, it will not work correctly.

  3. Delete the QZZR code. Make sure the only code in the HTML block is the updated NEW CODE.

  4. Testing the height. Take the quiz a few times on the page you embedded it in onFOD, and try to get each result. If a scroll bar appears at any time, make the HEIGHT in the NEW CODE larger. You might have to fiddle with it to get it right! I find going in 100px chunks is helpful.

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