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Bobby Jindal Hosts A Twitter Q&A And It Goes, As They All Do, Horribly Wrong

What do you think made anyone at Bobby Jindal ‘s political action committee wake up and decide it ‘d be a good idea to host a Twitter Q&A for the presidential candidate. Surely it wasn ‘t the success of EL James ‘ Q&A earlier this week, where users tore apart the Fifty Shades of Grey author.

Bobby, if we may have a word, please. There is a widely used quote that you should make yourself familiar with: ‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

We ‘ll chalk this one up as a rookie mistake, but please don ‘t continue to wander down social media minefields that have continually proven to have horrible outcomes. In the meantime, here are the funniest tweets from yesterdays #AskBobby campaign.

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