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Sorry, But Facebook’s New “Friends” Icon Is In No Way Feminist

Facebook unveiled its new ‘Friends” icon, bringing the woman silhouette to the foreground of the image, whereas the old icon had silhouette of the man in front. Now with the woman in front, the two people are about equal size.

Old icon on left, new icon on right.

The website also updated the ‘Groups” icon bringing the woman to the foreground and center of the two men.

Old icon on left, new icon on right.

Many people are hailing this redesign as feminist, perhaps taking the lead from Facebook COO ‘s Sheryl ‘Lean In” Sandberg. But Facebook is going to have to do more than put a woman in the foreground of their icons for me to believe they ‘re feminist.

There are other ways to interpret the icon. For starters, what if that man silhouette is holding a gun to the lady silhouette and forcing her to take money out of an ATM? I ‘ll need to see a reverse angle on this new logo before I can celebrate this new, ‘more inclusive” icon.

And how do we even know this is silhouette is of a woman? This overhaul could just as likely be two short-haired men and Johnny Depp, who is also A MAN.

Mr. Depp posing for his Facebook icon portraiture?

That ‘s an almost identical haircut and figure as the ‘woman ‘s” on the Friends icon. I won ‘t be convinced until I see some huge knockers on that icon. Even then how do I know Johnny Depp isn ‘t donning drag, something I ‘m sure he ‘s done, and Facebook is just honoring him and his gender expression?

If Facebook really wanted to take a big feminist stance maybe they should remove all images of boys and men from the site forever and allow it to be a womynist hellscape where we post about our moon cycles and freeing the nipple! While they ‘re at it they can rename the site Fage-book, in honor of Fage Yogurt, the official food of women.

Your move, Facebook. Us women are watching.

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