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South Carolina Has Removed The Confederate Flag And Racism Is Over!

The South Carolina state government removed the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds earlier today. The flag had flown there for 54 years, 39 years on top of the building ‘s dome, and 15 above the soldier ‘s monument across the yard.

Hundreds gathered to watch this historic moment that was propelled into motion after last month ‘s horrific attack on Charleston, South Carolina ‘s Mother Emanuel AME church where nine members of the historically black church were murdered.
Luckily, just shortly after 10:00am when the flag was lowered and the onlooking crowd sang a hearty rendition of ‘Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” our country was cured of its racist endemic.*

*According to very simply research (Google) nine states still issue Confederate flags on state license plates. Once Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland all get their act together then we can hop over this whole racism fiasco. **

**Ah crap, didn ‘t realize that Mississippi has the image of the Confederate flag in their state flag. Well, that ‘s nothing a few graphic designers can ‘t get together and fix over the weekend, right? Let ‘s photoshop racism out of our country ‘s history!***

*** Hm, who would have guessed it ‘d be harder than that? Turns out a bunch of states have statues of and roads dedicated to known members of the Klu Klux Klan on their Capitol grounds. Surely once we can convince state legislatures to remove and rename those items through cooperative democracy, we can safely say that racism is a part of the past, something we only know about in history books!****

****Ho-boy, alrighty. It ‘s starting to sink in more and more that racism might be more of a ‘systematic” issue and not just a ‘removing a flag” issue. Who knew? We were convinced we could just cross ‘gettin ‘ rid of racism” off of our bucket list and move onto ‘fixin ‘ the wage gap” and ‘not getting sad when we watch the beginning of Up.”

Well congrats, America on making one good decision, but don ‘t take your boots off anytime soon, there ‘s a lot of work to be done.

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