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Unedited Email From Netflix On “The Day Without Sports”

In recognition of ‘The Day Without Sports”, Netflix PR released an offensively sexist email with some suggestions on how to spend the day and we got our hands on the unedited version.

Happy Monday! Netflix wanted to share a couple wildly uninformed lists written by motherless men, in anticipation of July 15th : That one day a year sports enthusiasts fear most ‘No, not your anniversary, The Day Without Sports. On this day, fans (men) will see no professional sports on television as a part of the MLB All-Star break. Men be warned: your pathetic girlfriends and backbiting wives will use ‘no sports on TV” as a way to manipulate you into spending time with their needy selves. They will use this to try and gain some serious TV power, but you must stand strong and never allow a woman power. They will try and get you to watch a rom-com or trick you into starting a drama series as a longer commitment, or ask you to look them in the eyes, or offer that you go to dinner and talk, or suggest you sign the divorce papers, or force you to look at the sonogram. And, women be empowered! For today only, sports will not be there to save him from your nagging and attention-seeking.

For the men, Netflix has put together a list of content that will help you and your girlfriend compromise on your entertainment. After all, science shows women and men have never liked the same movie.

  • 300 – She can get distracted counting, while you check out the babes in this epic movie.
  • Scarface – This is one of the greatest gangster movies of all time, meanwhile your girl can bury her head in a pillow.
  • Fight Club – You get to watch dudes fight while she can see how soap is made, because she loves that shit.
  • Brokeback Mountain – While she is crying over the injustice of it all, you get to watch two dudes fuck.
  • The Notebook – If you are a Gosling-head, you ‘re gonna love seeing him shirtless while she is entertained by the sound of the rain.
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Get her to panic about aging so you can memorize the curves on Dame Judi Dench.
  • Porn – Ask her for a snack and then watch porn on the internet.

For the women, this is your day, ladies. That ‘s right, you get one day, so don ‘t say I never did anything for you. Get him hooked on some of your favorite TV shows or get him to finally watch that romantic comedy you ‘ve been dying to share with him. Why won ‘t he pay attention to you? Maybe today is the day you get him to move out. Netflix has put together a list of some of the best content to share with your guy on the one day a year the TV is yours. No excuses. Seriously, stop making excuses. What are you still doing with him?

  • Friends – There ‘s this episode where even though it is hard for Ross and Rachel to break up, they still do it, because the relationship is no longer healthy.
  • One Tree Hill – Show him that Brooke is a successful career woman and Julian is supportive.
  • Scandal – Kerry Washington is powerful and sexy and no one feels threatened by that.
  • Grey ‘s Anatomy – An example of how men and women can work together and just be friends.
  • Parenthood – Watch a few episodes and discuss how having kids doesn ‘t mean you give up everything else.
  • 50 First Dates – This is a great example of how a man can romance a woman and not just give up.
  • Good Luck Chuck – If he thinks this is a funny movie, that is the absolute last straw. You have to break up.

Enjoy your ‘Day Without Sports”!

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