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News Diarrhea: This Week’s Top News Stories Shit Out In One Place

The news ate a bunch of greasy food, just like it did last week, and now it ‘s pooping all over the place. Welcome to this week ‘s News Diarrhea.

Check out this epic Twitter battle between Joaqu ‘n ‘El Chapo” Guzm ‘n and Donald ‘El Silly Shouting Man” Trump!

The Scienceology boys are back with their another one of their ‘probing ‘ investigations. This time into a duck ‘s vagina. Give Funny or Die ‘s first original podcast a listen!

FOD News made a new merit badge to celebrate the inclusion of gay troop leaders in the Boy Scouts. Hell yeah, baby!

Can you tell the difference between a Republican Presidential Candidate and a Real Estate Agent? Betcha can ‘t.

An expert group of farm animals talk turkey (hehe) about whether Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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