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Miss Piggy Singing Rihanna ‘s “BBHMM” Proves This Formula Will Never Get Old

For it ‘s new Remix series, Vulture enlisted the services of Muppet Mashup king Mylo the Cat to tackle Rihanna ‘s latest banger, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money.” Naturally, Miss Piggy comes off as every bit the bad girl that Rihanna is, throughout the track refusing to take shit from anyone (even Kermit), despite having someone ‘s hand up her ass the entire time.

Of course, this video is just the latest in a string of very similar videos, which begs the question, ‘Is this formula of taking a hit song and mashing it up with old Muppet footage finally getting old?” Great question. Of course, after actually watching the video, you ‘ll realize that a question like that begs the answer, ‘Shut up you dumb idiot, this is comedy perfection.”

via Vulture

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