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Trying Our Best To Follow The Logic Of The NYMag Hacker was hacked and went offline Monday morning after the publication posted an article Sunday evening featuring 35 women sharing their stories of Bill Cosby sexually assaulting and drugging them. While many assumed that specific article was what caused the site to go down, the man behind the hack, tweeting under the name Vikingdom2016, admitted he did it for a different reason.

The hacker told The Daily Dot in an interview that, ‘I went to New York two months ago. It was really bad. Someone pranked me. Everyone started laughing and shit. The first 10 hours being there. Some African-American tried to prank me with a fake handgun.”

He also mentioned that he was unaware of the Cosby victims story and had not even seen the cover, ‘LOL.”

So the reason this dude shut down an entire website, effectively silencing the voices of these brave women who had come forward to tell their stories, is because he got pranked in NYC.

Let ‘s break down his logic.

  • His definition of a prank is a stranger pulling a fake handgun on him. This definitely did not happen on Candid Camera, ever. This happened on Cops. Maybe he is like computer smart and real-world stupid?
  • This incident triggers him to blame the entire city of New York, not the the man who ‘pranked him” or the crowd of people ‘laughing and shit.”
  • Not to digress too much, but I have questions about the people just standing around laughing at someone getting a handgun pulled on them. Where do they hang out? Times Square in 1982?
  • Now that the hacker has indicted all of New York City in this unfortunate and bizarre event, did he just google ‘New York” and came up?
  • Well, according to a quick google of ‘New York,” is the fifth result aside from images and news events. Our only guess is that he went for that one because it ‘s the first site not targeted for tourists and visitors but New Yorkers themselves? Just throwing out ideas because it ‘s very hard to understand where this dude is coming from.
  • It could also just as easily be that the number five harassed him once and he has a bone to pick with things listed fifth. Again, really trying to just brainstorm and walk a mile in his fedora, or however the saying goes.
  • The one thing we ‘re completely on board with is that he wasn ‘t aware he was doing this as the same time the Cosby article came out. There is no way someone who shut down an entire website and publication because he felt his ego was bruised is aware enough that there are women who feel silenced by violence.
  • Maybe he ended his interview with LOL because he is a joke. That ‘s probably it.

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