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The Senate Is Voting On Planned Parenthood’s Funding Today And It’s A Joke

A fourth video was released in the past week accusing Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue and generally being the condemned feminist hellscape your conservative family members believe it to be. The group behind the edited videos is The Center For Medical Progress and it sounds like they suck, right?

I mean, sure, people are allowed to be pro-life. Of course they are! It ‘s America! Some states allow citizens to own ferrets as pets if they so choose. Those are the laws and opinions we should be attacking! Shame on those who want to provide care and love to skinny rats with raccoon faces.

The issue is not people being pro-life, the issue is that these videos being released are dishonest and manipulative. Hired actors are posing as medical professionals interested in buying fetal tissue for their supposed biological company. It ‘s like very, very edgy summer stock theater but instead of entertaining people, it ‘s causing a lot of outrage and a Senatorial investigation with the possibility to cut federal aid to Planned Parenthood. But press, bad or good, is good. People didn ‘t go see Spiderman for the acting, they wanted to see a man fall 30ft with no safety rope.

Let ‘s also back up for a second and talk about The Center For Medical Progress. That sounds like a pretty official name, doesn ‘t it? Yeah! It ‘s easy to create important sounding names that act as shields to protect the strange dishonesty happening underneath. The Center For Medical Progress is a tax-exempt nonprofit that calls itself a group of ‘citizen-journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances.” Their vague name could just as easily be ‘American ‘s For Science” or ‘The Justice League.”

The fake biological company the actors claimed to work for? Biomax Procurement Services. Sounds legit, just like LexCorp or International Genetic Technologies (InGen)! And it ‘s not just that the name of these organizations conceal exactly what they are doing, everything from the direct-to-voicemail phone number, no office space or physical address, history of sneaky hidden camera footage,and only one person publicly identifying as an employee marks The Center For Medical Progress as pretty shady.

Despite all of this, and despite the numerous investigations launched from the undercover videos that have all shown no wrongdoings by Planned Parenthood, the federal government is voting today to pull aid from the real medical organization where abortion accounts for only 3%of the 10.9 million services provided annually.

For those of you who like pie charts, eat it up!

It should also be noted, because this article is still concerned with facts, that of the federal aid Planned Parenthood does receive, that specific money is legally not allowed to be allocated to funding abortions.So no tax dollars of unborn-baby-loving citizens have gone to abortions, ever. Hooray!

It ‘s almost as if The Center For Medical Progress and those in our government who support its allegations against Planned Parenthood are threatened more by strong and healthy women than they actually care about unborn babies.

By entertaining these videos and these people, our government is spending a lot of time giving a microphone to hooligans. Though, perhaps in a country where Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls, this should come as no surprise.

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