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“Uptown Funk” Sung By 280 Movies Is Great, But Still A Gap Band Ripoff

Love it or hate it, you can ‘t deny that ‘Uptown Funk” is a painfully catchy song. It ‘s almost as catchy as say, I don ‘t know, The Gap Band ‘s ‘Oops Up Side Your Head”?????? But when we learned that YouTuber DonDraperSaysWhat made a mashup of the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars jam with scenes from 280 different movies, we clicked right away, despite concerns that the song would be stuck in our heads for the rest of the week.

The video, which took Draper three months to complete, is incredibly impressive and takes the mashup game to a new level, as the actors are the ones singing this time, instead of just mouthing over the words of Hawaii ‘s most beloved son. Be sure to turn on the video ‘s closed-captioning, as it tells you which movie each individual scene is from.

Also, be sure to listen to ‘Oops Up Side Your Head,” because it is a far superior song.

via DonDraperSaysWhat, h/t EW

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