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A “Where Are They Now” For All ‘The Daily Show’ Stars, In Case You ‘ve Somehow Possibly Missed Where They Are

This week The Daily Show closes a chapter in the book called its life. (Too dramatic of an intro sentence, or very good?)

In honor of this end of an era, Digg made a video mapping out ‘The Daily Show Family Tree.” In it, we see the moments when a lot of Daily Show stars started on the show as well as what they ‘re doing now. Check out the video to find out where some of your favorite correspondents ended up. Many of these you probably already know if you have been alive and have had your eyes open for the last decade, but maybe some of you have been closing your eyes and covering your ears and screaming ‘NO I DON ‘T WANT TO KNOW WHERE ALL THE DAILY SHOW CORRESPONDENTS ARE NOW, SO DON ‘T YOU DARE TELL ME,” in which case, you know, now you do know, and we ‘re sorry, we mean, um, you ‘re welcome!

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