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13 Perfectly Good Lenny Kravitz Headlines the NY Post Didn ‘t Use

Yesterday, Lenny Kravitz shocked the world by rocking so hard his dick popped out. Today, the New York Post shocked the world by not having a punny headline about it. It ‘s their whole bread and butter! Even when the news is serious and unfunny! But this is NOT serious and VERY funny!!

So here we present 13 simple headlines that the NY Post could have used instead:

  • Lenny Kravitz Shows His Page ‘6″
  • Hunger Games Star Returns To District Pen15
  • Plenty Kravitz!
  • Concert Goers Get the Shaft!
  • American Whoa-Man!
  • ‘Get off the stage, dickhead!”
  • It Ain ‘t Over ‘Til It ‘s OH DEAR!
  • Soft Rock! Flaccid Penis Strikes a Chord
  • Keep On Cocking In the Free World
  • Are You Gonna Show My Balls?
  • Lenny Kravitz Exposes His Lisa Bone-AY!
  • Lenny Kravitz ‘s Greatest Bits
  • SPLIT Ain ‘t Over Til It ‘s Over

Also, here ‘s his dick in case you haven ‘t seen it in the 15 billion other places it ‘s been posted:

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