By: Matt Klinman

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Sinkhole Selfies: You Wont Believe What’s In The Brooklyn Sinkhole!

When a giant sinkhole opens up in your neighborhood, you have no choice but to head over before work and check it out. So that ‘s what a few of us that live in Sunset Park did. We walked up to the hole, looked at the hole, talked to a guy whose business is closed because it ‘s next to the hole and then we took a few selfies in front of the hole. Standard stuff ‘ or so we thought.

But later, after developing the photos by opening up the ‘Photos” app on our phones, we were startled to find that we missed some pretty exciting stuff going on in the hole as we took our thousands of nearly identical selfies over the course of six hours. Check it out!

Pretty crazy stuff in that sinkhole! Well that ‘s it for us until the next sinkhole but, remember, sinkholes can happen anywhere at any time for no reason at all and you are never safe walking on any land at all.

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