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What Are Thooooose? The Journey Of A Meme From An Officer To His Airness

‘Memes? What are thooooose?” That ‘s our impression of someone who doesn ‘t know what memes are. It ‘s also a good segue into introducing one particular meme that has taken sneaker-loving teens, and now adult basketball players, by storm.

Let ‘s start from the beginning ‘back in June, Instagram user Brandon Moore, AKA Young Busco, posted an Instagram video wherein he yelled at a police officer about his shoes. This was the ‘What are Thooooose?” heard around the world.

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A video posted by Snapchat @youngbusco (@youngbusco) on

This question, and the inflection of said question, spread like whatever the sneakerhead equivalent of a wildfire is.

It spread to church of all places:

To Kendrick vids:

And to blockbuster movie scores:

Then July started, and the ‘one question”s kept ROLLING in, haha, get it? Because this boy is literally rolling:

Most recently, this week at a Michael Jordan Flight School summer camp assembly, one student named Bryce Lyle had the gall to ask the Sultan of Sneaker himself (a new nickname for Michael Jordan that we just came up with), ‘What are thooooose? ‘

Is this the end of the meme or simply the beginning of its branching off and becoming a meme among NBA retirees? Hard to say, but MJ ‘s answer made some kids real happy:

h/t Sole Collector, @Abid_ism, Complex

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