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Obama Wrote A Letter To The ‘New York Times’ About The Voting Rights Act, But He’s On Vacation!

President Obama is currently on vacation in Martha ‘s Vineyard enjoying the whitest things in life, but was able to take a quick break from playing golf to pen a letter to The New York Times. The president expressed his gratitude to those who fought for the Voting Rights Act, which was instated 50 years ago. The letter is also in response to the Times ‘ article earlier this month about peoples efforts since the Act was put in motion to undo it.

I am where I am today only because men and women like Rosanell Eaton refused to accept anything less than a full measure of equality. Their efforts made our country a better place. It is now up to us to continue those efforts. Congress must restore the Voting Rights Act. Our state leaders and legislatures must make it easier ‘ not harder ‘ for more Americans to have their voices heard. Above all, we must exercise our right as citizens to vote, for the truth is that too often we disenfranchise ourselves.

‘ President Barack Obama

Honestly, it ‘s rad as hell that the president said all of these great things and reminded us to get our act together and protect our freedoms, but Barry, you ‘re on vacation! Take a break! We ‘ll still be the shithole people we are now in two weeks when you ‘re back. Why not just wait till you ‘re home, catching up on all the annoying emails Boehner is sending you. That way you can pause from all that heavy stuff and send out a classic Barry-O uplifting message reminding us all to be better people.

This vacation was really meant to be a chance to take a break from the pressure of being the first black president of the most powerful country in the world. We can just imagine Michelle rolling her eyes telling you to get off the computer. Not that we ‘re suggesting she and the girls don ‘t agree with what you wrote, we ‘re sure they are fully on your side, as they should be. But these two weeks in Martha ‘s Vineyard are meant for you to relax, play some golf, and embarrass Sasha and Malia with whatever dad swim trunks you ‘re wearing. Get off your blackberry!

The point is, is we love hearing from you, Barry, but don ‘t feel like we always need you to be ‘on.” You have a very hard job and represent a huge step forward in our country. You deserve to chill out from the limelight. So no more letters to the editor for you! In fact, we ‘re suspending your subscription to the Times and sending some fun, nonpolitical fiction books to the house you ‘re staying at.

Come back in a week and we ‘ll still be the same fucked up country we ‘ve always been. No need to worry. You aren ‘t missing out on anything while you ‘re away.

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