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“No Opinion” Is Polling At 4%: Does It Have A Shot At Securing The GOP Nomination?

In a recent Iowa caucus poll, No Opinion came in at 4% ‘ ahead of Christie, Graham, Jindal, Kasich, Perry, Santorum, Gilmore, and Pataki.

Source: CNN/ORC Poll

Furthermore, when asked ‘Who has the best chance of winning in the general election,” No Opinion came in at a respectable 7%, tying with Fiorina, and pulling ahead of Huckabee, Bush, Paul, Rubio, Christie, Graham, Jindal, Kasich, Perry, Santorum, Gilmore, and Pataki.

Source: CNN/ORC Poll

While this is an impressive showing for the previously unknown contender, does No Opinion have a legitimate shot at securing the GOP nomination? Let ‘s look at the issues:


Although No Opinion hasn ‘t expressly stated an economic platform, the rest of the GOP candidates have been vocal in supporting tax cuts for the rich and slashing entitlement programs. Ouch.

Verdict: Advantage No Opinion.

Women ‘s Issues

Every other GOP candidate supports defunding Planned Parenthood and increasing abortion restrictions. By simply saying nothing at all, No Opinion shines as a beacon of common sense and equal rights.

Verdict: No Opinion is the clear winner.


Jeb Bush could have at least made an effort to not be a complete and total asshole on this one, proposing a pathway for earned legal status for to deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants, in addition to parroting the party line of ‘increased border security” and ‘defunding sanctuary cities.” On one hand, No Opinion hasn ‘t offered up an alternative plan to fix our nation ‘s broken immigration system. But on the other hand, it hasn ‘t called Mexican immigrants ‘murderers and rapists.”

Verdict: Let ‘s call it a tie.

Foreign Policy

With the entire GOP field chomping at the bit to throw diplomacy out the window and give Iran the good ol ‘ Iraq treatment, No Opinion ‘s steadfast refusal to be a war hawk blowhard proves it has the backbone and clarity of vision to be president.

Verdict: Solid edge to No Opinion.

Bottom Line

It can ‘t be denied, No Opinion is a true Washington outsider and a grassroots candidate that has accepted zero dollars from lobbyists or corporate donors. It ‘s more in touch with women ‘s issues than any other candidate, hands down. And it values diplomacy more than the rest of the GOP field. This early in the game it ‘s tough to say whether No Opinion has a legitimate shot at securing the GOP nomination, but I wouldn ‘t count this dark horse out if I were you. Bottom line: No Opinion is presidential material and we can expect to see it continue climbing in the polls.

The remaining question is, who would make the perfect running mate? My money is on No One, who is polling at a solid 2%, tied with Graham, Jindal, and Kasich, and one point ahead of Perry, Santorum, Gilmore, and Pataki.

Source: CNN/ORC Poll

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