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This Delightfully Dark Taylor Swift Parody Imagines Which Female Celebs She Plans To Invite Onstage Next

On her 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift has invited countless celebs to join her and stand near her on her stage. At any given T Swift concert you might expect appearances from Heidi Klum, Lena Dunham, Mariska Hargitay, Uzo Adubo, the band Little Mix, the band Fifth Harmony, or any other famous females you can possibly think of, just go ahead and try. Most recently fans got treated to a visit from the double whammy that is Joan Baez and Julia Roberts, which was probably exciting for all the tweens in the crowd.

But who will Taylor bring out next? In a new video called ‘PLEASE WELCOME TO THE STAGE, ” writer Lara Marie Schoenhals acts out twenty or so ideas of who Taylor might welcome to the stage. Will it be Laura Linney, Casey Anthony, or a different famous (or infamous) woman (or group of women)? Only time will tell.

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