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Bob Woodward Says Clinton’s Emails Remind Him of Watergate, But To Be Fair, He Says That Kind Of Thing All The Time

On MSNBC yesterday morning Bob Woodward said Hillary Clinton ‘s email scandal reminded him of Watergate. Which sounds like a bigger deal than it is. Here are some other things that Woodward said remind him of the Watergate scandal:

  • At his grandson ‘s 5th birthday party, he said the birthday gifts ‘covered-up” in wrapping paper reminded him of Nixon ‘s cover-up. He kept repeating his observation over and over, louder and louder, and it was pretty clear he wasn ‘t joking. He also stood in front of his grandson in all the photos and made people say ‘watergate” instead of ‘cheese.”
  • After getting an oil change and other routine repairs, he said that he felt manipulated by the mechanics, which reminded him of Nixon manipulating the American public. He then asked if the mechanics knew who he was, and even though they said yes, he still told them.
  • During journalist Robert Churchwell ‘s Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech, Woodward grabbed the mic and asked Churchwell if he was a crook. When Churchwell said he wasn ‘t, Woodward shook his head and said ‘you sound a lot like Richard Nixon.” Woodward then held on to the mic for 45 minutes talking about how reporting on Watergate was ‘an achievement of a lifetime.”
  • No matter where he stays on vacation, the accommodations always remind him of the Watergate Hotel. Even the one time he went camping.
  • Once when a waitress didn ‘t write down his order, he said she reminded him of Nixon avoiding a paper trail. Then he pulled his chair up to another table and introduced himself as ‘the best journalist in the world.”
  • He often approaches people at Starbucks who are wearing headphones to say they remind him of Nixon listening to his tapes. He then tries to put old Washington Posts over the New York Times stack by the register. Sometimes he also jams copies of his book in there.
  • At this year ‘s White House Correspondents Dinner, he said the way people were avoiding him reminded him of the way Nixon sources avoided him. He then jumped up on a table, ripped his shirt open and screamed, ‘None of you would be here if it weren ‘t for me!”
  • He won ‘t shut up about Deep Throat at the ear, nose, and throat doctor.

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