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Make Sure You Check Out These Fun Stock Photos Of New Yorkers Doing Things Before Sending Them To Your Dad

New York City: We all love it, and we all sure-as-heck live in it. So why aren ‘t there more stock photos of us (New Yorkers) doing New York-type stuff? Stuff like having uncomfortable subway rides, having uncomfortable cab rides, and having semi-comfortable-but-a-little-uncomfortable walks on the sidewalk.

That ‘s where New Yorkers ‘ favorite public radio station WNYC has come in, with some new, real stock photos depicting just these kinds of NYC experiences. These photos will make you nod, they ‘ll make you laugh quietly and appreciatively like how you would at a rather enjoyable public radio program, and most of all they ‘ll make you want to show them to your dad cuz you know how he likes this kind of stuff.

Check out some of our faves below, and then head over to WNYC to check out some more, and then probably email your dad with a subject like, ‘Hey bet you ‘ll get kick outta this! Talk soon.”

‘People Reading Show-off Books on Subway”

‘Man Trying to Figure Out What Just Dripped on Him”

‘Woman Looking for MetroCard and Blocking Turnstile While People Wait to Enter”

‘Woman texting at the top of subway stairs”

‘Something Dripping from Above and It ‘s Not Rain”

‘Woman Jaywalking with Confidence”

‘Woman Trying to Turn Off TV in Taxi”

Photo Credit: Louise Ma / WNYC

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