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Ben Affleck Is Just The Latest Celeb Man To Be Sad While Visiting A Happy Place

Recently some photos of a sad Ben Affleck visiting Disney World have made the rounds online, ripe for headlines like ‘Happiest Place On Earth???? Tell That To Ben Affleck, Ha Ha! Cuz He Looks Sad In These Photos!”

The truth is, though, that Affleck is only the latest in a long history of Sad Celeb Men to visit happy places while remaining sad. Check out his sad pic and at least seven other examples below. If you know of any more, I don ‘t know, email us? Honestly, we ‘re too sad to think this out right now.

Here ‘s Billy Corgan sad on a train ride:

A sad Jack White watching the Cubs play baseball:

Drake sad at a Toronto Raptors game:

Ryan Gosling sadly eating an ice cream treat:

Kanye taking a sad break from his ziplining excursion:

Sean ‘Sad Daddy” Combs not very excited at all to see the Mona Lisa:

And finally, Keanu Reeves of ‘Sad Keanu” fame NOT enjoying a cupcake:

Maybe these celeb men wouldn ‘t be so sad if they were all hanging out together. Guess we ‘ll never know.

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