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A Donald Trump And Deez Nuts Presidency Is A Legitimate Possibility

Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nomination unless Deez Nuts have anything to do about it! Oh, no, I ‘m not referring to my own ball sack, I actually don ‘t have one. I am obviously referring to the independent presidential candidate from Iowa named Deez Nuts who is officially running for president and trailing not so far behind Donald Trump in North Carolina and a few other states.

Deez Nut filled out the necessary paperwork to run for president through the Federal Election Commission back in June.

Mr. Nuts is currently polling at 9% in North Carolina, behind Trump who is at 29%. So yes, that means realistically and from a political strategist ‘s standpoint, we could be gearing up for a Trump Nuts Presidency.

The likelihood of Deez Nuts pulling ahead of Trump is slim, but the two of them paired together is a hard match to beat. I ‘m pretty positive Trump has said something along the lines of ‘Yeah, I ‘ll pick a running mate, I ‘ll pick deez nuts, loser!” Well, Mr. Trump, it ‘s time to live up to those words.

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