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Oh No, Did Donald Trump Mean All That Horrible Stuff He Said?

You know that moment during an intense confrontation or when you witness something incredibly embarrassing, where you convince yourself that this is an elaborate piece of performance art and you ‘ve been Truman Show ‘d your entire life?

If, like many of us, you ‘ve been waiting for the man behind the golden haired curtain of Donald Trump ‘s toupee to reveal himself and say, “this has been a rouse!”, well we ‘ve got bad news. The long held onto hope that Trump ‘s campaign would eventually say ,”We ‘ve just been taking sound clips from terrible dictators since the beginning of time and mashed them together to create this evil old clown, we don ‘t actually think any of this terrifying garbage!” must be let go of.

Here is Trump ‘s first television ad. It turns out, he means it all. He really truly means it all. Fuck.

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