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Kids Tell Us What They ‘re Excited For In The New Year

If anyone ‘s got their pulse on the cultural calendar, it ‘s TWEENS AND TEENS. We asked these 11 kids what they ‘re most looking forward to in the new year and here ‘s what they had to say:

Amy Whiteman
My friends and I have been catfishing an unpopular kid in our class and we ‘re gonna reveal it all at the Winter Semi-Formal. So, even though it ‘s a while away, I ‘m looking forward to the Winter Semi-Formal.

Danny Gizzardo (But Call Me “Vape”)
I ‘m definitely looking forward to rewatching X-Men: Apocalypse. I also wanna say pubes but I also don ‘t wanna jinx it.

Bethanny De Jesus
Getting my hand unstuck from my forehead!!! I HATE MY LITTLE BROTHER!!!

Jason Welldeen
Masturbating with the living room couch cushions, baby!!

Becca Hillard
Return of Pretty Little Liars!! Just kidding. I ‘ve been leaving used condoms around my parents ‘ bedroom so they each think the other is cheating on them. Pretty excited for them to get a divorce.

Tim Chang
My class is going to Six Flags Over Texas in August and I ‘m going to walk off and cause a DUSTWUN like Bowe Bergdahl.

Jules Asher
Getting a physical! Why? What did everyone else say?

Jenny Nelson
I ‘m learning how to put viruses on the school ‘s computers!

Rico Rodriguez
Last year I started dating my Modern Family costar Sofia Vergara, and I ‘m looking forward to continuing that in 2018.

Bran Stevenson
Can ‘t you see I ‘m gettin ‘ high af right now? Scram!

Kristen DeBartlett
My boyfriend ‘s wife is going to a work conference on President ‘s Day weekend so we ‘re throwing a party!

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