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Can You Tell The Difference Between These Zoo Animals And The Oregon Militia?

There are two groups occupying Oregon wildlife refuges and photos of them are popping up around the internet everywhere! One is a furry group of animals covered in snow from the Oregon Zoo and the other is an anti-government militia occupying a federal building in the middle of the state. Strap on your detective hat and pull up those thinking pants, and see if you can tell the difference between the two crews!

1). One of these silly billies is a bristly billygoat and the other is a bro actively interpreting the Second Amendment to defend his current armed occupation. But which one is which?

2). Feast your eyes on these two pups! Can you tell which is a snow-covered seal and which probably thinks his extensive video game playing qualifies him to use weapons like a Navy SEAL?

3). Lions and tigers and armed rebel militia, oh my! Five points if you can spot the difference between these camouflaged beasts!

4). Brr! It ‘s cold out here! There must be a gang of ranchers staking out in a federal wildlife refuge until their demands are met in the atmosphere! That or a wintry polar bear! Which is which?

OK, kids! Good luck determining which is which. When you think you ‘ve got the answers ‘ great!

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