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North Korea Has No Chill

North Korea is telling everyone that they ‘ve successfully conduced nuclear tests which is why seismometers registered an event at a magnitude of 5.1 in the southeast Asian country. It could have been an earthquake or a smaller nuclear weapon, but North Korea is all hyped and telling people it ‘s a hydrogen bomb. Like, okay, but no one asked? Just kidding, we were all wondering but like, they should play it more cool.

CNN released this video of North Korea ‘s history with atomic and nuclear weaponry. North Korea has constantly lied about what they ‘re up to and purposefully gone against agreements meant to halt their nuclear advancements. Basically, North Korea has no chill. Literally none.

They also keep announcing how far they ‘ve come and it ‘s like, yo, NK, we ‘re all out here busting our asses to be #1, you ain ‘t special. Part of having swag is playing it down. Like, maybe we have nuclear hydrogen bombs, maybe not. Point is we aren ‘t gonna be flashy about it. You have got to be chill when it comes to a global arms race.

They ‘re is like that annoying dude at the party telling everyone there is going to be a fight, so when everyone circles up it ‘s actually them fighting and it ‘s lame but they still hype it up so much afterwards. No. Fucking. Chill. We can ‘t have that, ok? Our lives literally depend on being chill in this instance.

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