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Metal Singer Screams Her Recipe For Shepherd ‘s Pie

Linzey Rae of the Colorado-band The Anchor has whipped together a parody cooking video that wonderfully manages to combine the opposing worlds of cassettes and casseroles. Just exactly what ‘s great about it? Well that ‘s kind of hard to tell.

Is it because you ‘re huge fans of metal music?
Not really.

Has the new year brought out a renewed interest in cooking?
Nah dude.

Oh, you must love shepard ‘s pie?
Don ‘t know. Never tried it.

Wait, you ‘ve never tried shepard ‘s pie?

Sorry, that was a lie, but we needed a third thing.

Sure, but now look how many things there are.
Again, sorry.

Are you though?
Yes, very much. Are you still going to watch this video?

Of course. Nothing can stop my love of viral vids!

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