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Kristen Stewart Doesn ‘t Like Jimmy Fallon ‘s Whisper Game And Other Late Night Leftovers

Our team of 37 heavily caffeinated editors has spent all day hand-crafting a brilliantly selected array of the best TV clips from last night so you don ‘t miss anything you shouldn ‘t. Watch what you want, skip what you don ‘t. Just be sure to swing back around tomorrow for more of yesterday ‘s greatest stuff.

Many celebrities have played Jimmy Fallon ‘s “Whisper Challenge” game, but no one has picked it apart until last night, when Kristen Stewart did. Headphones? Impressions? Really?

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert and John Krasinski did a fake vomit-off because Krasinski ‘s wife Emily Blunt did it, too, and the couple that fake vomits with Stephen Colbert stays together (with Stephen Colbert).

To appease the men ‘s rights groups that are mad that female and black characters had significant roles in the new Star Wars (BTW, WTF at anyone who is mad about that) Jimmy Kimmel Live made a Star Wars for men ‘s rights activists so that they can watch that and everyone else can enjoy the regular, inclusive movie about fuzzy guys and robots fighting in space.

Finally, on The Late Late Show, James Corden talked red carpet poses with Modern Family ‘s Sarah Hyland, Mr. Robot ‘s Rami Malek, and 30 Rock ‘s Jack McBrayer. Whose signature pose is waving happily and whose is the over-the-back-of-the-dress look?? Guess you ‘ll have to watch the clip to find out for sure.

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