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Chief Justice Moore, Don’t Ban Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, That’s So Embarrassing

The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is putting a halt on the issuing of same sex marriage licensesin his state. It ‘s not only in defiance of the US Supreme Court, but it ‘s also super embarrassing!

Over and over again since the June ruling, people in local and state government have been denying people same-sex marriage licenses, and it ‘s always overturned and they have to continue issuing them. There ‘s no way they get to go back to their office jobs after that kind of hullabaloo and everyone doesn ‘t totally dig into them for their mistake. Do you think Kim Davis showed back up and her coworkers were just like, ‘Hey Kim, how have you been?”

No! They were like, ‘uhmm, you were wrong ‘” and then talk behind her back in the break room. Law is law in legal government offices and when you don ‘t follow the law, good fuckin luck!

Anyways, I ‘m just out here trying to save Chief Justice Moore from some mega embarrassment. He shouldn ‘t order all the clerks beneath him to not issue same-sex marriage licenses, because he isn ‘t really supposed to do that. I know it ‘s confusing and there are so many laws to get straight, but anytime anyone makes that mistake, it becomes a whole big news item and all eyes are on them. Not a great impression, but no worries, he ‘ll get the swing of things soon!

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