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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Ricky Gervais Shows Everyone How To Play ‘A**hole Or Elbow’

Did that thing ever happen to you when you were a child where you were all, “I ‘m bored,” and then a parent or some other adult told you something about how you shouldn ‘t be allowed to be bored because of imagination or food or some other B.S. that you can ‘t remember because you weren ‘t really listening to them because you were too bored to listen? Well, listen to us now ‘ cool people who aren ‘t your parents ‘ when we say this new easy game from Ricky Gervais means you can actually seriously never be bored again, because all you need to play is a camera and your elbow. It ‘s called “A**hole or Elbow” and we should all thank Ricky Gervais for it. And thank Conan and Andy Richter for it, too. And thank the parents/adults in our lives because we love them and we were just kidding when we said we weren ‘t listening!

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