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A Closer Look At J-Law’s Confrontation With The Golden Globes Reporter

America ‘s balance challenged sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, won a Golden Globe last night for best actress in a musical of comedy for her role in Joy.

But QUEUE THE DRAMA! Lawrence got wordy with a reporter in the post-award press circus, scolding him, “You can ‘t live your whole life behind your phone bro.” The reporter, who was reading questions off of his phone, was a bit flustered, but kept on. But J-Law was relentless and was like, BRO, LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

The internet bowed to her courage and shot off a bunch of hot headlines.

Dang! What a warrior! Love her! Such a down to earth person! Let ‘s watch the video of what went down! Pop the popcorn, this is gonna be a hot clip of her taking down the man!

Oooo. Hmmmm.

Yo, straight up, it actually seems like this reporter ‘s first language might not be English and J-Law, princess of keeping it real, called him out on just not being able to speak his non-native language quick enough. The word for that isn ‘t “quirky” it ‘s “rude.”
There are two lessons today. One is for Miss Lawrence: be patient and be kind, for reporters are fighting battles you may not know. The other is for us: Look up from our phones, because the internet may be ascribing traits to J-Law that shield us from her poor manners.

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