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Oh No! Is It Too Late To Post All These Photoshops Of Sean Penn And El Chapo?

This weekend, the world learned that movie star Sean Penn interviewed the Mexican drug lord El Chapo in the days prior to his capture. Unfortunately, we were out of the office and unable to upload all the great work done by all the great people of the internet.

Then the Golden Globes happened. Then Bowie, sadly.

Once we had had a second to compose ourselves, we remembered all these weekend photoshops and how many great ones there were. We rounded up our favorites, should you want to try to enjoy them. However, we totally understand if you ‘ve already moved on to the next thing.

You do want to see ’em? GREAT! OK, real quick, here ‘s the original image for context and then to see the rest, just keep scrolling like you would on literally any other website.

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