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My Mom’s Movie Reviews: ‘Daddy’s Home’

(FOD writer/director Lauren ‘s mom loves to go to the movies. This blog contains real reviews, transcribed from conversations really with her mom.)

Well, I can ‘t tell you what happens in the very beginning of the movie because I wasn ‘t there. I said to dad, “The movie starts at 6:40, but probably not until 7 because of commercials and previews.” He dropped me off to go get a parking space. It was crowded because they were showing Star Wars in five parts of the theater. The whole place is for Star Wars all of a sudden. Why do they need that many theaters? I don ‘t understand the big deal with that movie or those movies or whatever they are. I like Harry Potter.

So we get ready to go in and find out, actually the movie started at 6:20! So we missed the first 10 minutes, but it was pretty easy to catch on. A dad, a step-dad, we got it.When we got in, Will was at the airport to pick up his wife ‘s ex husband but can ‘t find him so I don ‘t think we missed much.

Marky Mark ‘s character is jealous and he does everything that the kids want him to do because he wants them to like him more than Will. There was a funny part where the wife has to go to work, and Marky Mark ‘s motorcycle is blocking her car. Will tries to move it, but goes flying and almost runs the family over. He goes in the front door, then out the window, and ends up stuck in the wall.

You just want to hug Will because he is such a nice step-dad and you want to kick Marky Mark in the balls because he is a lousy bastard. It was cast perfectly because Will plays the nice guy who never works out and Marky Mark is the nasty guy with big muscles. His shirt was always off and that didn ‘t hurt my feelings any!

At the end, Marky Mark realizes the kids are better with Will and the wife doesn ‘t want him back (I think his plan was to get back with the wife.) Then Marky Mark gets what he deserves because when he gets remarried, his step daughter is a pain and her dad comes and is a Hell ‘s Angel. It was like, “Good, you got what was coming to you, you little stinker.”

3 stars

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