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Stephen Colbert Auditions To Play El Chapo And Other Late Night Leftovers

If El Chapo really gets his own biopic, Stephen Colbert wants in, and he ‘s for sure got the chops to play the part.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and showed a clip from his appearance on The Bachelor, where he taught the Bach (that ‘s what they call him, right?) how to do a date good.

Speaking of dating tips, Morgan Freeman ‘s got some, because he recently won the election ‘ for sexiest American voice ‘ as voted by the people of Britain? And it was, like, a mandatory vote in the UK? We dunno for sure but anyways here ‘s his sexy voice tips:

In terms of more political elections, Trevor Noah talked about his first American election year, and why his favorite candidate is mystery man Ben Carson.

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