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One Direction Is Breaking Up! Who Will The Next Beautiful Singing Boys Be?

As the great author Chinua Achebe titled his most famous book Things Fall Apart. And as we grow older we find that adage to be true over and over again. When news broke today that the boys of One Direction are disbanding, heading in their respective directions, into unknown lands, we were once more reminded that indeed things do fall apart.

Take time to mourn. Find space to grieve. But know that at some point int he future, maybe in a year, maybe in six, we will be introduced to more beautiful singing boys.

When *NSYNC split and Backstreet Boys fell apart, we were left hopeless. The unceremonious dissolve of B2K pulled at our heartstrings. Yet each time beautiful boys who sang together decided to no longer sing with one another, another band emerged. Time and time again, we witness this cycle. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly then rotting into the soil from which a new caterpillar is then birthed.

What we learned from the SparkNotes version of Achebe ‘s book is that while things do fall apart, new things spring forth. And somewhere out there are little baby boys, whose hair might not be swoopy right now, but it will be one day. Those little beautiful baby boys will be introduced by their managers one day and realize they have a talent for making teen girls cry about their own feelings. And they bring forth those feelings with their beautiful songs. This I am sure of.

Yes, we do mourn the death of One Direction. But that also means we welcome the boy bands of the future. Though we do not yet know their names or the moniker for their legion of fans, we have faith in the self-rejuvenation of the beautiful singing boys.

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