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Top Content On The Internet This Week

Were you too busy this week watching the Golden Globes to pay attention to any internet content? Neither was anyone else. But that doesn ‘t mean you weren ‘t busy with other things, like watching the State of the Union address. Oh, you didn ‘t watch that either? OK, maybe you were busy winning the Powerball. Oh you didn ‘t win? That ‘s too bad. Well to cheer you up here ‘s some of the top content on the internet this week. It ‘s not as good as a billion dollars, but then again what is?

Sure, ‘Star Wars ‘ Was Great, But I Have A Cut Of ‘Schindler ‘s List ‘ With Dinosaurs In It

It ‘s a shame that Steven Spielberg didn ‘t release this cut of Schindler ‘s List with dinosaurs in it before the Academy came out with its Oscar nominations. Because everyone know that if there ‘s one thing the Academy loves more than straight, white guys it ‘s dinosaurs fighting Nazis.

HomeFinder Listing For The Playboy Mansion

After nearly four decades of cumming all over the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner is finally selling the property. Here ‘s the listing for all of the people out there who want to move into what is essentially a hospice with a grotto. And an added bonus, the place comes completely furnished with a bunch of stained upholstery.

My Mom ‘s Movie Reviews: ‘Daddy ‘s Home ‘

This review of the new film Daddy ‘s Home from your mom is a really funny article, about an even funnier movie that everyone should go see in theaters, and pay full ticket price for. And I ‘m not just saying that because you-know-who is starring in it. And by you-know-who I don ‘t mean Will Ferrell who owns this website, I mean Mark Wahlberg who ‘s holding my loved ones hostage inside a Wahlburger.

DoorDrop: The App That Let ‘s You Do Nothing

Take a break from all that dumb reading (unless you ‘re into that kind of thing nerd) and watch this fun video showcasing the newest app that will allow you to do literally nothing ever again. Now only if they ‘d make an app that can write these articles I ‘d be out of a job.

Door Drop: The App That Lets You Do Nothing

Give Me A Chance: I ‘d Love To Eat Horse

Tired of boring hamburgers made out of beef, and normal hot dogs made out of whatever the hell they make hot dogs out of? So is this weirdo who wants to eat a horse. All he wants is one chance.

Golden Globes Post-Game Interview Quotes

This article takes the most boring part of sports (the post-game interview) and combines it with the most boring award show of them all (the Golden Globes) and makes it into the most funny and exciting article of all time!

21 Best Pics Of All Time Of The Week

Now time for the biggest mind fuck of them all. A best of list in a best of list in a best of list in a best of list in a best of list. Whew that was a lot.

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