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Hillary Clinton Laughing Off Trump Is Incredible

Last night on Fallon, Mr. Fallon himself asked Hillary Clinton a slew of questions from how she prepares for debates, who the fuck Martin O'Malley is, and if Donald Trump intimidates her.

Do you remember that song Mariah Carey released about Eminem, “Obsessed?” It ‘s lyrics read:

Why you so obsessed with me?
And boy I want to know, lyin ‘ that you ‘re sexing me.
When everybody knows, it ‘s clear that you ‘re upset with me.
Ohh, finally found a girl that you couldn ‘t impress,
Last man on the earth, still couldn ‘t get this.

Sans, Trump sexting Hillary, because God knows that wouldn ‘t shown up in the emails already, this was the EXACT vibe Hil was giving off. Like, “who da fuck does Trump think he is?” She really shone, bright like a diamond, when asked about him. Must be nice to have so many haters.

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