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What Viral Pop-Culture From 2015 Should We Parody? – CHECK 15 – January 2016

Here at CHECK 15, our goal is to create a Monthly Cancer Awareness Day. On the 15th day of every month, we'll be hitting the internet with a reminder to break down barriers around the cancer conversation (with a healthy dose of humor). Kyle & Scott brainstorm ideas for the new Monthly Cancer Awareness Day video by revisiting some viral pop-culture from 2015… Be sure to stay for the shocking conclusion! Written & Directed by KYLE R. SMITH Starring KYLE R. SMITH, SCOTT HEATON, LEVI PETREE, & VICKY CHAN Director of Photography MIKE STANISLAWSKI Musical Director SEAN CARNEY Special Thanks to RYAN JAMES Contains parodies/discussion of the following viral pop-culture moments of 2015: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD FIFTY SHADES OF GREY JURASSIC WORLD STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS GAME OF THRONES BOSTON BABY WHALE GUY SHIA LABEOUF'S JUST DO IT VIDEO DONALD TRUMP RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT “HELLO” by ADELE “SUGAR” by MAROON 5 “WATCH ME (WHIP AND NAE NAE)” by SILENT ‘ “HOTLINE BLING” by DRAKE “BAD SUN” by TAYLOR SWIFT (covered by RYAN ADAMS) THE JINX We do not own the rights to some of the music or video selections used within. This video falls under the factors of fair use & parody laws. This video was created for non-profit & educational purposes.

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