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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Well, at least not ALL of this week ‘s videos were losers.

Jeopardy Is For losers!

Watch as all three contestants lose on Jeopardy!, forcing Alex Trebek to awkwardly say goodbye.

Violin-t Sounds

This six-year-old video of a woman doing her best car-alarm sounds on the violin exploded this week ‘ which is exactly what you ‘ll do if you have to listen to it more than once.


Snow Laughing Matter

A young girl ‘s dad tries to explain snow to her and she just laughs in his face. Women, amirite?

Horsin ‘ Around In Texas

Two horse team (?) members are interviewed for the local news about cows or something and, honestly, we couldn ‘t understand any of it. That said, watching this is one of the most delightful ways you could possibly spend the next few minutes of your life.

First Impression

This baby, you guys. This baby.

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