By: Matt Klinman

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22 Stickers On The Back Of Our Pick Up Trucks

As you probably know, the entire Funny or Die staff is located in a very conservative, rural area in the American south. Out here the only thing we prize more than our long guns is our giant pick up trucks. We use them to get around, to haul stuff and, most importantly, to display stickers that tell you a little bit about what we believe. We asked around and here are some of the stickers being displayed on the back windows of our pick up trucks.

  • ‘My Son Is Meeting All Of His Development Milestones”
  • That cut-up snake, not sure what it means.
  • ‘Democrats Have Rendered Me Unable To Cum”
  • I got one of Calvin taking a piss on Monsanto logo, then I got the one of Calvin taking a piss on Calvin taking a piss on Calvin taking a piss on Calvin taking a piss on MC Esher, and then I got the one of Calvin taking a piss, but this time he ‘s squatting, raising some questions about his genitalia situation.
  • ‘How ‘s my driving ‘ me crazy, my wife is!”
  • ‘Ceci n'est pas un pick-up”
  • ‘Dumb As Fuck And Twice As Loud”
  • ‘Abortion Is A Complicated Issue, Y'all”
  • ‘My Other Truck Is A Bigger, Less Efficient Truck”
  • ‘Not MY Obama”
  • A Monster Energy Drink decal which also covers entire rest of truck.
  • ‘My OTHER Truck Is A JESUS”
  • An incomplete list of non-running colors
  • ‘Scared Shrekless”
  • ‘My Other Ride Is My Mom.”
  • ‘Don ‘t Honk At Me I ‘m Trying My Best”
  • ‘Mission Accomplished”
  • ‘My Other Ride Is An Honor Roll Student”
  • A bunch of feathers and blood that may or may not be a sticker.

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