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‘No More Parties In L.A.” ‘ New Music Review By A Guy Who Loves Music So Much It’s Like He Can’t Even Explain It

‘No More Parties In L.A.” by Kanye West ft. Kendrick Lamar

Oh man this song is so great. I ‘ve listened to it so many times and I honestly can ‘t put into words how good and cool it is. I can ‘t do it! You know what I mean? All the parts are so so good. Kendrick Lamar ‘s verse, the beat, all of Kanye ‘s stuff, ugh its just so great really! It makes me feel great!

I ‘m not doing a good job explaining this I don ‘t think. FUCK I don ‘t know, I just want you to know how cool and great this song is. I love it so much! I like how it ‘s like SURPRISING with how well all their words move together in every verse. And that part when the beat goes out and Kendrick Lamar kind of yells his lines? ‘THE HAIRS STILL GOOD THOUGH!” (That ‘s the line he yells). Then the beat drops back in and I ‘m like hell yeah, man ‘so so so freakin good.

It ‘s like, so, I ‘m listening to the song as I write this and I feel like I could just jump out of my skin, ya know? I feel unstoppable and just plain cool. That ‘s the great thing about good high energy music, it makes you feel like you could walk through a wall. Or walk through all of your enemies, at once. It ‘s like magic or something. I know this sounds insane but what ‘s happening in this song is like magic. That ‘s just like the best thing I can think of to say.

It ‘s insane how good they are at making words and sounds that are cool and great and just kind of flow. Like through my head and through my body. I ‘m like ENERGIZED by this song and my blood flows faster through my body. Does that make sense? Like, it really feels like my blood is moving faster and I ‘m stronger. It ‘s just, Kanye, man. You know? And Kendrick is so good. This song. I can ‘t believe it.

UUUUHHHHHHH this part like a third of the way through where Kendrick Lamar is saying things like really rhythmically and staccato? I don ‘t know if that makes sense but my LORD that ‘s some freaking great ass music. It ‘s like every time he says a syllable I tense my muscles up and get taller and stronger. Or something. I WISH one of my enemies would tell me I can ‘t do something right now!

They have such good voices! They ‘re like weird, Kendrick Lamar ‘s voice is weird but I mean that in the best way possible, if that makes sense? And this song has exactly the right weirdness to it. Am I crazy? I don ‘t know if I ‘m just rambling nonsense. I don ‘t know how else to explain it really. I ‘m just so JACKED UP that I can ‘t explain. I really feel like I ‘m not explaining this well.Please just know: This song is good.

Also just please, one of my enemies, please PLEASE me tell me I ‘m not good enough, I ‘d love that right now! I ‘d eat that up I feel great! Ugh, this song is so so so so so good. UGH, it ‘s just like, I love music so so so much.

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