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Cool Pope Is Creep Pope And Ladies, He Wants To Wash Your Feet

Cool Pope alert! Papa Francis declared that women are now allowed to participate in Holy Thursday foot washing festivities. Hooray!

Holy Thursday memorializes Jesus washing the feet of his disciples who were all dudes but at a time when women were killed for having twins or also getting their period too much. Now that we live in a time where they aren ‘t getting killed for that stuff, just judged, Cool Pope is like, “commmmeee on down girls, and take your shoes off!”

And that begs the question, nay the seedling of a thought,”is Cool Pope maybe a Creep Pope?” Is Cool Pope actually like Pope Tarantino and just has a thing for feet?

There seem to be a lot of other things Cool Pope could include women in that doesn ‘t require him handling their feet. In the meantime, while ladies are getting their feet cleaned by God ‘s right hand man, they can casually bring up, “soooo what if we were granted higher positions within the church?”

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